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Welcome to True Smile. Our doctors and team are happy to help you create your True Smile. You will experience our caring, professional, and personable team using the most up-to-date treatment techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to help create a smile you are proud of. Our Promise to You is simply this…

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True Smile Orthodontics - Dr. Christopher Trockel
True Smile Orthodontics - Dr. Martin Trockel

Drs. Christopher and Martin Trockel are passionate about helping others experience real and lasting smile transformations by sharing their extensive orthodontic training and talents with their patients. Learn more about the Dr. Trockel brothers and their families here…

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True Smile Orthodontics offers the finest orthodontic care for kids, teens and adults, giving them the confidence to TRULY smile 🙂

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Drs. Christopher and Martin Trockel have helped hundreds of patients create their True Smile. We hope you will take a look at some of the great results patients just like you have experienced.
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True Smile Orthodontics - Incognito
True Smile Orthodontics - Clarity
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True Smile Orthodontics - Juvederm Ultra PlusXC
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