What Is InBrace?

At True Smile Orthodontics, we’re always on the lookout for innovative solutions that make the journey to your dream smile both effective and comfortable. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our patients to InBrace a revolutionary approach to teeth straightening that combines personalized care with cutting-edge technology, all while staying completely out of sight.

InBrace is a state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment that reimagines the traditional braces experience. Unlike conventional options that apply brackets to the front of your teeth, InBrace features a unique system of smartwires and brackets that are discreetly placed on the lingual (tongue) side of the teeth. This behind-the-teeth placement makes your orthodontic treatment virtually invisible to others, allowing you to confidently share your smile even while undergoing correction.

Is InBrace Right For You?

InBrace is suitable for a wide range of orthodontic needs, from simple alignments to more complex bite corrections. During your consultation at True Smile Orthodontics, our team will conduct a thorough assessment to determine if InBrace is the best solution for you. We’re committed to providing personalized care that aligns with your lifestyle and smile goals!

How InBrace Works

The core of the InBrace system is its Smartwire™, a thin, intelligent wire that is fixed to the back of your teeth, making it virtually invisible to others. Unlike traditional braces that require manual tightening or clear aligners that need regular replacement, the Smartwire™ is designed to gently and continuously move your teeth into their correct positions from day one. This process not only minimizes discomfort but also streamlines your path to a beautiful smile.

Each InBrace Smartwire™ is customized using advanced 3D imaging technology to fit the unique contours of your mouth and dental structure. This personalized approach ensures that the force applied to your teeth is precise and effective, promoting faster alignment and reducing the overall treatment time. Moreover, the customization of the Smartwire™ significantly enhances comfort, making it easier to speak, eat, and maintain oral hygiene.

Benefits of InBrace

InBrace offers a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment that combines the effectiveness of traditional methods with the latest advancements in dental technology. This innovative system provides a seamless and comfortable experience for those seeking a discreet way to achieve a perfect smile.

Virtually Invisible Treatment

One of the most compelling advantages of InBrace is its virtually invisible design. The custom Smartwire® is strategically placed on the backside of your teeth, making it completely hidden from view. This allows you to undergo orthodontic treatment without the aesthetic concerns associated with traditional braces or visible aligners, providing an ideal solution for adults and professionals who wish to maintain a natural appearance during their smile transformation.

Efficiency & Comfort Combined

InBrace utilizes advanced technology with a custom-designed Smartwire® that exerts a gentle, yet continuous force on your teeth. This innovative approach not only ensures efficient tooth movement but also significantly enhances comfort throughout the treatment process. Unlike traditional braces that require periodic tightening, InBrace’s gentle force minimizes discomfort, making it a preferred choice for those seeking a less invasive orthodontic solution.

Quick & Predictable Results

Thanks to the personalized Smartwire® and advanced planning techniques, InBrace can deliver quick and predictable results. Patients can start seeing improvements in their smile in as little as two weeks, with the entire treatment process often being shorter than that of traditional braces or aligners. This efficiency does not compromise the quality of the outcome, as InBrace is designed to achieve precise tooth movement for a beautifully aligned smile.

Minimal Lifestyle Interruptions

The removability and discretion of InBrace allow for minimal interruptions to your daily life. You can eat, drink, brush, and floss with ease, without the need for dietary restrictions or cumbersome oral hygiene routines associated with other orthodontic treatments. This convenience ensures that you can maintain your lifestyle and oral health with confidence throughout your InBrace journey.

Tailored to a Wide Range of Orthodontic Needs

InBrace is versatile and can treat multiple orthodontic cases, including spacing issues, mild to moderate crowding, and various bite problems. Whether you’re looking to correct specific alignment concerns or achieve an overall straighter smile, InBrace’s personalized treatment plans are tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.